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Oregon's Hearse Club, Last RideImage hosting by Photobucket...

Oregon's Last RideImage hosting by Photobucket started on April 13th of 2006

The text on this page may look alittle odd for now, because all the TM logos were showing up as ? so I had to change them all to photos hosted by photobucket.

'Don't let your last ride be your last ride'Image hosting by Photobucket - Arc Apocalyptica. Last RideImage hosting by Photobucket is a new Oregon based hearse owners club. My name is Brandi but you can call me Arc, my hearse 'Helena' is a 1978 Cadillac S&S Victoria. I've always wanted a hearse and I looked through e-bay and online listings and different sites and finally hit the jackpot when right here in Newport, Oregon I found my hearse. After looking at so many sites I realized there wasn't a true Oregon based hearse club so that's why I started Last RideImage hosting by Photobucket. Coming from the central Oregon coast that's where I hope to start as soon as Last RideImage hosting by Photobucket gets a good sized member base I'm going to organize the first ever Last RideImage hosting by Photobucket hearse meet! So if you live in Oregon, northern California, western Idaho, or southern Washington, and you own a hearse or other funeral related vehicle, come join Last RideImage hosting by Photobucket and meet other hearse enthusiasts like yourself.




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A friend from another hearse site recently e-mailed me and sent me his website, I checked it out and liked what I saw and hopefully you will too. Take a look.

Join by sending the following information to the e-mail below.

Any personal information will be completely confidential except for your e-mail and photos, unless you request otherwise. That is my promise to you.

1. Name:
2. Age:
3. Address:
4. Vehicle (Make, Model, Year, Color, Stock or Modified, Any other information you feel necessary...):
5. Vehicle 2 (optional):
6. E-mail address:
7. A photo of yourself, and one of your vehicle (can be the same picture, or if you'd rather not send a photo of yourself, just let me know):
8. If you want your e-mail available with your photo(s) on the site:
9. Phone number (so I may contact you for upcoming events, optional if you'd rather be contacted through your e-mail):
10. Any other information you seem fit:

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